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EP59 AGNUS DYSON L Eric Hodkinson hybrid.
White flowers with purple sepals.
EP 211 ALFRED N. WATSON L Eric Hodkinson hybrid. Pale mauve with a darker central stripe
EP60 ALF PARRISH XL Eric Hodkinson hybrid. Petals cerise purple with scarlet
Midstripe. Outer petals and sepals deep red.
EP93 AMERICAN SWEETHEART XL Wressy Cocke/Hawks hybrid 1977
Cup and saucer of light rose with long golden
Pink sepals. Serrated edges.
EP2 ARCTIC NIGHT L Dianthus purple petals with cardinal red midstripe.
Sepals deep red.
EP216 BILL HOWARD L Eric Hodkinson hybrid
Petals intense fuschia pink with darker midstripe. Lond narrow sepals , crimson purple.
EP64 BRIAN FEARN XLEric Hodkinson hybrid. Very large open bell shaped
Flowers.Deep fuschia pink with red stripe and almost white
Edges. Eric thought it was his best hybrid.
EP95 CADET XL Wide open cup of red with purple cast
EP236 CAROL S Nopalxochia phyllanthoides hybrid best grown in a hanging
Basket. Double flowers of phlox pink, variegated with white.
EP300 CHINA BOWL XL Hybrid produced by Paul Fort and Ed Stephans in 1958.
An Elegant bowl shaped bloom that is truly spectacular. Broad
Rounded chalky white petals. Outer petals and sepals yellow. £5
EP97 CHO CHO SAN M Hybrid produced by Paul Fort and Garland O達arr.
Bell Shaped flowers of light dusky orange violet.
EP354 CONQUEROR XL Paul Fort /Garland O達arr hybrid 1950
Dark purple throughout with twisted sepals.
Growth erect and strong. Professor Ebert hybrid.
EP205 DARLEY FIRESTAR L Eric Hodkinson hybrid named for Darley Dale.
Scarlet petals with orange midstripe. Edges of inner petals
Deep mauve. Sepals very narrow, brick red.
EP353 DESERT SUNRISE L Lavender glow on orange petals and sepals.
EP101 DOLLY MADISON L Very wide overlapping white petals with frilled
Edges. One of the great whites. Free flowering.
EP16 DREAMLAND L Hybrid produced by Beame Gardens in 1953. ( Sherman E
Beame X Pride of Bell) Large flowers with broad petals and sepals.
Petals pinkish orange with poppy red midstripe and claret red ruffled .
Edge.Throat rose-red. Choice.
EP91 DR DAVID JEFFERSON L Eric Hodkinson hybrid
Very attractive flowers of orange rose suffused with
Fuschia pink.
EP15 DR. WERDERMANN L Hybrid produced by Curt Knebel. Carmine pink
Petals with a light edge and pale orange veining.
EP102 DUKE OF WINDSOR L Beahm hybrid 1938
Wide open flowers of soft pinkish rose with a deeper midstripe

EP17 FLAMINGO XL Hybrid produced by Clarion Steele in 1940. Very free
Flowering hybrid with narrow pointed petals of deep orange,
Edged in magenta. Cup and saucer type flowers.
EP9998 FRIENDSHIP XL Hybrid produced by Paul Fort and Garland O達arr in .
1952. Exceptional mixture of shades. Light red with lavender glow
Overall. Sepals and petals shaded by light violet petals. One
Of the best red and violet hybrids.
EP19 GALLANT KNIGHT L Hybrid produced by Beahm in 1955. Blood red
Flowers Edged with fuschia on the inner petals.
EP251 JACKIE JEFFERSON L Eric Hodkinson hybrid EL9. Pale fuschia pink
Petals over laid with mauve. Sepals with pale orange midstripe.
EP77 JENKINSONII L Walton hybrid 1845
Brilliant orange red with tinge of violet in the throat.
EP76 JINK FALKENBERG XL Hybrid produced by Cactus Pete in 1945.
Flowers the Colour of Jink痴 Pink. Bright cerise waxy flowers.
EP31 JUNE BRIDE S Deep rose pink
JUNGLE NIGHT L Professor Ebert hybrid produced by Paul Fort and Garland
O達arr in 1950 Wide funnel form flowers with ruffled
Petals. Deep dusky violet with red tips. Exotic.
KNEBELS FARBENWUNDER M Hybrid produced by Curt Knebel. Outer petals
Crimson, inner petals cerise scarlet edged in carmine.
Strong triangular stems.
EP133 MARSEILLAISE L Hybrid produced by Knebel 1938 Outer petals deep
Red, inner petals dark reddish violet stripe with white border.
EP137 MEXAKELLY XL White outer petals Sepals golden yellow.
EP212 MILLICENT BALLARD L Eric Hodkinson hybrid. Large white flowers
With narrow cream sepals tinged with pale yellow. Scented.
EP352 MOONLIGHT SONATA L Paul Fort and Galand O達arr hybrid 1950
White petals shading to orchid with dark violet sepals.
Petals wide and overlapping. Beautiful flowers.
EP132 MOROCCO XL Hybrid produced by Beame. Absolutely breathtaking. Dark
Madder Red petals edged with purple. Some petals all bright purple. Tips
Crinkled and waxy, full cup shaped flowers with wide petals. Choice. £5
EP139 NADA M Hybrid produced by Cactus Pete in 1946. Flowers with narrow
White Petals,each with saffron yellow tips.
EP38 NEVADA XL Sun Goddess hybrid produced by Cactus Pete in 1946. Giant
Open funnel form flowers of deep orange with cerise edges on the centre
Petals. Narrow petals. Very choice.
EP41 PADRE L Wide open flowers of soft pink.
Very free flowering.
PEGASUS XL Hybrid introduced by Coolidge Rare Plant Garden Nursery.
One of the most outstanding Epiphyllums. Petals reddish orange and sepals edged in bronzy violet. Wide open flowers.
EP144 PAJARO M Hybrid produced by Paul Fort and Garland O達arr in 1948.
Funnel type flowers with violet petals with darker veining and an orange
EP44 PETE担 4X XL Hybrid produced by Cactus Pete in 1938. Very large cup
Shaped Flowers. Red striped petals edged in purplish rose.

EP240 PINK MOON M Hybrid produced by Taylor and Wickes.(Nopalxochia p. .
X Cooperi) .Free flowering deep rose pink.
EP47 PROFESSOR EBERT L Curt Knebel hybrid
Wide open flowers od deep lavender. Sepal dark red. Three
Angled spiny stems.
EP4050 QUADRILLE L Hybrid produced by Paul Fort and Garland O達arr 1952
Large white flowers with a centre of lime green.
EP110 RON TABBERER Eric Hodkinson hybrid
EP202 ROSALIE XL Hybrid produced by Clarion Steele. Deep lavender pink
Petals Surrounded by wide rounded outer petals of rose red.
EP149 RUTH FEARN L Abbey Brook hybrid introduced in 1978. Large cup and
Saucer flowers of deep fuschia pink with darker orange red
Midstripe. Very free flowering.
EP50 SEPTEMBER MORN L Clarion Steele hybrid 1938
Cup shaped flowers of tannish rose,edged with purple. Throat
EP51SHERMAN E BEAME XL Very vigorous hybrid produced by Curt.
Knebel. Violet red shading through red almost to pure white at
The margins. Magnificent.
EP213 SISTER ALOYSIUS Eric Hodkinson hybrid. Petal magenta with a red
Central stripe. Sepals dark red magenta.
EP351 SNOW LEOPARD XL Hybrid produced by John A Daniel 1976
Wide funnel form flowers of brilliant white.
EP174 PACE ROCKET XL Overlapping petals of raspberry red with frilled
Edges shading to light pink.
EP67 SPARKLE S Best grown in a hanging basket. Produces masses of small
Brilliant red flowers.
EP68 WALTER M. ELSE XL Eric Hodkinson hybrid.
Broad silky violet petals with red orange midstripe
Sepals crimson.
EP161 WEDDING ANNIVERSARY XL Abbey Brook hybrid introduced in
1980. Open funnelform flowers 10 diameter. Petals broad
Rounded at the tip. Inner petals cream, outer petals
Tinged yellowish. Sepals deep yellowish bronze shading
To yellowish at the base. Petals at the centre of the flower
Shading to pinkish at the base. Plant very vigorous.
EP3024 WILD ACCLAIM Hybrid produced by Paul Fort and Garland O達arr
Large cup shaped flowers of Deep reddish orange, slightly
Frilled with purple on the inner edges.
EP74 EPIPHYLLUM ANGULIGER Stems with characteristic saw toothed lobes.
Flowers with long thin tubes and narrow pointed petals.
Pure white and highly scented. Night flowering. Mexico.
9141 EPIPHYLLUM CRENATUM White flowers that open during the day ,which is
Unusual. Study and robust with a thick mid rib. Easily grown
and flowered. Used extensively for hybridising. Honduras.
9142 EPIPHYLLUM OXYPETALUM Very large and fragrant white flowers with
reddish To amber sepals. Night flowering. Stems narrow at the base widening out to a flat blade with wavy edges.
EP2496 CRYPTOCEREUS ANTHONYANUS Rare species with saw edged stems.
Night flowering pinwheel shaped flowers with narrow maroon and yellow petals XL and highly fragrent. Mexico.
9143 DEAMIA TESTUDO First descibed in 1837 . Rare 3 or 4 angled stem clambering or pendant. Very large white flowers up to 10 long
6 in Diam.eter. Native of the Caribean.
EP170 NOPALXOCHIA PHYLLANTHOIDES One of the most beautiful of all
Epiphytes. Super plants for a hanging basket. Small pink flowers produced in profusion.
See also Selenicereus, Aporocactus, Aporoselenicereus, Aporophyllum, Lepismium,
Hatiora, Heliocereus, Pfeiffera and Rhipsalis in the main list.