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Abbey Brook Cactus Nursery
Old Hackney Lane


These plants form one of the N,C,C,P,G, National Collections updated with corrections and additions in July 2005

Shown by Accession, Year introduced, Cultivar Name and Description

2189 1979 ‘Abbey Brook’ CF1634 E.calorubra x calochlora
Deep salmon pink petals edged with violet, sepals
Brownish violet, filaments crimson. Scented.

5598 ‘Alice in Wonderland’
Short tubed flowers, petals white with magenta stripe, narrower at tip, broad at base. Petals changing to deep lavender pink as flower ages. Filaments yellow, stigma and style yellow.
Illustrated in NCCPG National Plant Collections Directory 2005. (p27)

4017 ‘Apple Blossom’
Small pink and white flowers. Spineless plants.
Male sterile. Very floriflorus.

2606 ‘Apricot Fancy’ ‘Ruffles’ hybrid CF 6013 Small pale apricot flowers with a hint of magenta on the petal edges. Darker orange midstripe. Slightly ruffled. Filaments orange, stigma and style yellow.

3701 ‘Birthday Cake’ CF6018 ‘Buttercup’ x collection
Crimson and white striped flowers, throat white.
Unusual colour combination.

3278 ‘Brian’s Choice’ E.kermesina x E.pereziensis F1
Very large flowers of deep magenta purple.
Wide opening flowers. Filament purple, stigma and style white.

2270 ‘Brooklands’ CF2101 ‘Buttermilk’ x CF178
Short tubed flowers of deep golden yellow, each
Petal edged with orange. Flowers slightly ruffled.
Filaments golden yellow, stigma yellow. Scented.

2271 ‘Buff Beauty’ ‘Ruffles hybrid
Pale buff-salmon flowers with crimped petals. Orange filaments. Stigma and style cream. Scented

2207 1976 ‘Buttercup’ B241 L.aurea x ‘Greengold’
Petals buttercup yellow, throat red.

^ 'Buttercup'

2253 1978 ‘Buttermilk’ ‘Golden Dream’ x E.multiplex
Creamy yellow petals with darker yellow midstripe
Stigma yellow, style green. Highly scented.

2276 ‘Candy Floss’
Large flowers of deep pink with deep lavender pink
midstripe. Scented.

3242 1993 ‘Cleopatra’ ‘Lemonade’ hybrid
Large flowered, creamy white petals with golden
yellow midstripe. Scented.

2168 ‘Crimson Glow’ CF4357 ‘Darley Peach’ x Johnson’s hybrid.
Short tubed flower. Deep crimson petals with fimbriate margins, stigma crimson. Filaments crimson.

3700 ‘Crown of Gold’ ‘Golden Dream hybrid
Huge flowers of deep golden yellow and orange. Inner petals salmon orange, outer petals light orange, all petals with orange midstripe. Scented.

4079 2000 ‘Darley Ann’
Large flowers of pale salmon pink with yellow-orange
midstripe, outer petals bronze yellow. Stigma white,
style green. Scented.

2250 ‘Darley Apricot
Pale apricot-orange flowers with reflexed petals
Orange filaments. Very large flowers 10cm. Diam.
18cm long

2224 1988 ‘Darley Beauty’
Reddish crimson petals with orange midstripe.
Curly green filaments. Male sterile.

2574 ‘Darley Flame’
Short tubed deep orange red flowers, filaments red stigma and style greenish.

2166 1984 ‘Darley Gold’ L.aurea x ‘Green Gold’ X ‘Green Gold’ x E.kermesina
Large flowers of deep golden yellow, outer petals shading to deep peach colour. Sepals lavender pink
Stigma yellow. Scented.

2204 1983 ‘Darley Queen’ ‘Buttermilk’ x ‘Lemonade’
Huge flowers, 25cm. Long, 10cm.diam.
Deep fuschia pink with a hint of white. Filaments cream, stigma and style white. Scented.

3896 ‘Darley Leopard’ Long floral tube spotted like a leopard
Soft pale salmon orange pink petals, outer petals with greenish yellow midstripe. Sepals brownish with magenta midstripe. Filaments orange stigma and style yellow. Scented.

3277 ‘Darley Peach’ CF4385 ‘Darley Apricot’
X ‘Green Gold’ x E.kermesina
Flowers with yellowish orange narrow petals.
filaments orange, stigma yellow.

2330 1983 ‘Darley Pearl’ ‘Buttermilk’ x ‘Lemonade’
Large silvery pinkish flowers like the sheen on a pearl.
Filaments white., stigma and style cream

4072 ‘Darley Pinwheel’
Small long tubed wheel shaped flowers with petals
radiating like spokes. Petals pale salmon magenta,
Throat intense yellow. Filaments yellow, stigma white.

2180 1983 ‘Darley Rose’ CF6013 ‘Ruffles’ hybrid
Inner petals pinkish lavender with orange midstripe, outer petals shading to pale orange. Filaments crimson.
Inner petals slightly ruffled.

2210 ‘Darley Royal’ CF4357 ‘Darley Peach’ x Johnson’s
Hybrid un-named.
Long tubed flowers of magenta purple, petals veined in
deep magenta. Filaments magenta.

2244 1988 ‘Darley Sunrise’ ‘Ruffles hybrid
Short tubed flowers of pale orange, outer petals
lavender, beautiful ruffled petals.Filaments orange and crimson. Stigma white style green. Scented

216 ‘Darley Sunset’ CF4357 Darley Peach x Johnson’s hyb.
Flowers of deep magenta rose, outer petals violet.
Filaments orange. Same cross as ‘Darley Royal’

2676 1985 ‘Darley Sunbeam’ CF2368
Creamy white petals with a prominent golden yellow
midstripe. Filaments creamy white. Stigma and style pale yellow Very Distinctive. Scented.

2313 1986 ‘Delicate’
Long tubed flowers. Pure white petals with a delicate magenta pink midstripe. Very Distinctive. Scented.
Filaments, stigma and style white. Throat green.

3892 ‘Derbyshire Primrose’
Huge flowers. 25cm.long. 11cm. diam. Multicoloured.
Golden yellow inner petals,salmon peach outer petals. Sepals dark magenta purple.

4367 1996 ‘Eleanor’ CF2361 ‘Peach Monarch’ x ‘Terra Cotta’
Beautiful narrow radiating pointed salmon pink petals.
Centre of flower pale orange, outer petals with deep
magenta midstripe. Filaments pale yellow, stigma
white, style yellow

^ 'Eleanor'

5005 ‘Electric’ 4X hybrid with Johnson’s
Petals bright crimson red, inner petals with broad margins of magenta pink. Outer petals and sepals with orange median stripe. Filaments crimson, stigma crimson style pink.

5599 2005 ‘Gilly’s Favourite’

2598 1989 ‘Golden Chalice’ ‘Buttercup’ x Johnson’s hybrid
Small growing, very free flowering. Small flowers with unusual rounded petals of deep golden yellow, throat red. Filaments red at base yellow above. Stigma and style yellow. Scented.

3245 ‘Golden Eye’
Short tubed flowers with deep salmon orange red petals shading to golden yellow at the centre. Two distinct layers of stamens. Filaments yellow. Unusual. Distinct.
Sterile. Stamens fuzzy and twisted.

4455 ‘Golden Progress CF178 ‘Green Gold x E.kermesina
Large flowers, inner petals deep golden yellow with median line of reddish – pink. Outer petals yellow suffused with pink. Sepals edged with bronze. Filaments golden yellow. Highly scented.

2688 1988 ‘Gold Star’ ‘Green Gold’ x Peach Monarch’
Long tubed flowers.Inner petals deep golden yellow, outer petals and sepals shading to lavender peach. Filaments yellow, stigma and style pale yellow. Scented.

2176 1976 ‘Goldie’ L.aurea x ‘Green Gold’
Attractive spiny plants, columnar with age. Golden yellow flowers. Filaments yellow shading to red at the centre. Stigma and style yellow.

2310 1984 ‘Green Ice’ CF4365 ‘Buttermilk’ x Paramount Yellow’
Flowers pure white with frilled edged petals. Outer petals with a green midstripe. Throat green. Spiny plants with yellowish green bodies. Highly scented.
Filaments, stigma and style white.

5600 2005 ‘Janet’

4250 1999 ‘Jennifer Ann’ CF7545 E. arachnacantha x E.calorubra X
collection. Inner petals cream with pale lemon yellow
midstripe. Sepals pale green with brown margins.
Filaments cream, stigma and style white.

3687 1999 ‘Juliette’ CF8261 ‘Lemonade’ x ‘Darley Queen’ X
‘Green Gold’ x ‘Terra Cotta’
Very large flowers of deep salmon orange. Filaments orange.

4183 1998 ‘King Midas’ CF8261 ‘Lemonade’ x Darley Queen’ X ‘Green Gold’ x ‘Terra Cotta.
Large long tubed, deep orange yellow flowers, Filaments orange, stigma yellow, style greenish.
Fabulous colour! Scented.

^ 'King Midas'

2592 ‘Lady Whitworth’ CF3304 ‘Buttercup x Johnson’s hyb.
Inner petals deep orange shading to vermillion at tips.
Outer petals light orange. Stigma light purple, style deep red, filaments lilac.

3279 ‘Lemon Custard’ ‘Goldie’ hybrid
Deep lemon yellow petals with darker yellow midstripe
Filaments yellow, stigma yellow. Scented.

4381 1979 ‘Lemonade’ ‘Green Gold’ x ‘Golden Dream’
Large flowers 20cm. long and 10cm. diam.
Lemon yellow. Highly scented.

3288 1996 ‘Lisa’ Golden dream hybrid
Long tubed orange salmon flowers. Filaments salmon
Stigma and style yellowish. Scented. Distinct colour.

2301 ‘Lotus Blossom’ E.subdenudata x E.kermesina F1
Rounded petals of lavender pink with deep lavender

2607 2000 ‘Lyndsey’ CF6013 ‘Darley Rose’ x Ruffles
Bi-coloured flowers, ruffled petals of delicate lavender pink with a
Broad orange yellow midstripe. Filaments lavender
stigma and style yellow. Scented.

4365 1998 ‘Marie’ CF8261 ‘Lemonade’ x ‘Darley Queen’ x ‘Green Gold’ x Terra Cotta’ Same cross as ‘King Midas’
Deep salmon pink suffused with lavender. Inner petals
With orange midstripe. Filaments crimson, stigma and style yellowish

2575 ‘Matlock Gem’ ‘Ruffles’ hybrid
Medium tubed flowers, Petals flesh pink with orange yellow midstripe. Outer petals tinged magenta. Filaments yellow, stigma white. Scented.

2314 ‘Matlock Sunset’ ‘Ruffles’ hybrid
Deep reddish rose, outer petals tinged orange. Petals
veined in reddish violet. Filaments yellow.

3339 1993 ‘Margot Fonteyn’ CF4357 ‘Darley Peach’ x Johnson’s hyb
Short tubed broad flesh pink inner petals, outer petals pinkish bronze with orange midstripe. Stigma pink, Style crimson. Filaments white. Scented.

^ ‘Margot Fonteyn’

2677 1998 ‘Moonglow’ CF2368 ‘Green Gold’ x ‘Terra Cotta’
Pale greenish yellow flowers with darker midstripe.
Outer petals tinged lavender. Plants greenish yellow.

4181 2000 ‘Mystic Moon’ CF2361 ‘Peach Monarch’ x Terra Cotta’
Pale lemon yellow inner petals with darker yellow midstripe. Outer petals pinkish brown. Filaments salmon, stigma and style cream. Scented.

3248 ‘Orange Blossom’
Pale flesh pinkish orange, filaments orange,stigma and style cream.

2272 ‘Orange Garden’
Deep orange buff flowers, deep orange filaments.

2587 1998 ‘Orange Queen’ ‘ Golden Dream x ‘Lemonade’
Long tubed flowers.Deep orange inner petals with magenta midstripe, outer petals reddish orange
tinged with magenta. Scented.
Flowered for the first time at Chelsea Flower Show in 1988

2242 1989 ‘Orange Ice’ CF2367 E.eyriesii x ‘Red Meteor’
Pale orange with yellow midstripe edges of petals dark orange, filaments orange shading to lilac. Stigma yellow. Plants almost spineless. Scented

2292 ‘Orange Sensation’ CF3320 E.arachnacantha x E.calorubra
One of a superb range of hybrids from the first ever successful cross between large flowered and small flowered species.
Small flowered 10cm. long and 5cm. in diam. Deep
Orange with dark magenta midstripe. Sepals greenish
bronze. Filaments orange, stigma and style greenish.

4380 ‘Son of Orange Sensation’ ABCN2292 x CF3320 yellow fls.
Very short tubed flowers, intense deep orange, cup and saucer type fls. Each petal edged in deep orange magenta. Outer sepals radiating, orange bronze. Stigma yellow filaments orange.

4377 ‘Peach Sundae CF4009 E. orozasana x calorubra
Deep orange red flowers, petals sharply pointed,
Stigma and style white, filaments red.

2331 ‘Pineapple Crush’
Large yellow flowers with orange sheen. Scented.

2315 2005 ‘Pineapple Poll’ ‘King Midas’ hybrid
Petals orange yellow, filaments deep orange stigma yellow. Scented

2240 1986 ‘Pink Camay’ ‘Green Gold’ x Terra Cotta’
Sharply pointed petals, delicate pink with darker midstripe. Stigma and filaments cream. Scented.

2325 ‘Pink Glory’
Short tubed flowers. Rounded petals deep magenta pink with prominent orange midstripe. Highly scented.
Stigma white style green filaments yellow.

2228 ‘Pink Champagne’
Flesh pink petals with yellowish orange midstripe. Filaments white. Scented.

3541 1993 ‘Pink Nymph’ CF2361 ‘Peach Monarch’ x Terra Cotta’
Long narrow tubed flowers with deep rose pink petals
with orange midstripe. Scented.

2315 1983 ‘Princess Diana’ Johnson’s un-named hybrid x Collection
Pink petals with orange midstripe. Filaments lavender
Scented. Stigma and style pale yellow.

2173 1983 ‘Princess Margaret’ CF4363 ‘Green Gold hybrid’ x
ABCN124 X E. kermesina
Long tubed flowers.Lavender pink with prominent deep lavender midstripe. Outer petals with orange midstripe. Filaments white. Stigma white style green. Scented.

4378 ‘Raspberry Sorbet’ AB2851
Long tubed flowers with vivid magenta petals with orange midstripe. Outer petals magenta bronze. Stigma yellow, filaments orange. Scented.

3733 ‘Really Pretty’ Ruffles hybrid
Frilled pink inner petals, purple midstripe, outer petals
Salmon orange. Filaments cream.

4366 ‘Rosalie’
Short tubed unusual flowers of orange red with a prominent white throat. Outer petals and sepals pinkish white with a greenish midline. Small flowered. Scented.
Filaments white stigma yellow style green.
Male sterile.

2311 ‘Ruffles’ Sensational unique flowers.
Pale orange ruffled double petals covering the centre
of the flower like a carnation.

^ 'Ruffles'

3934 ‘Rufflette’ AB2674 ‘Matlock Sunset’ x ‘Ruffles’
Flowers ruffled like ‘ruffles’ but multicoloured
salmon-pink, magenta and orange.

4367 1998 ‘Sarah’ CF3090 E.orozasana x collection
Large flowers of buttercup yellow, outer petals cream
Suffused with lavender. Filaments deep yellow, stigma
Yellow. Scented.

3687 1996 ‘Shirley’ CF2361 ‘Peach Monarch’ x Terra Cotta’
Large flowers with magenta pink petals with an orange
Midstripe. Stigma and style cream, filaments white

2203 ‘Shot Silk’ ‘Green Gold hybrid’
Gorgeous flowers of deep vermillion, orange and crimson Stigma cream, style green, filaments orange.

3699 ‘Snowflake’ CF6018 ‘Buttercup’ x Collection
Pure white flowers. Sepals with green midstripe, throat
Green. Attractive plants with very short star like spines

2334 ‘Starfire’
Very narrow radiating petals, golden yellow, outer petals
Shading to orange with lavender midstripe. Scented.

2285 1999 ‘Starlight’
Strikingly beautiful flowers.
Very many narrow petals, pale lavender pink with
an orange midstripe. Filaments white. Scented.

4376 1999 ‘Sterling Silver’CF4413 ‘Goldie’ x Collection
Small silvery white flowers with a hint of lavender.
Outer petals with green stripe. Sterile.

5601 2001 ‘Streaky’ ‘Golden Eye hybrid
Pale orange inner petals distinctly striped with white
Lines. Outer petals and sepals very pale pinkish
Orange, sepals with green midline. Stigma cream
Filaments yellow.

4181 1998 ‘Summer Glory’ CF2361 ‘Peach Monarch’ x’ Terra Cotta
Pale peach with apricot stripe, outer petals pinkish brown. Filaments yellow, stigma white style yellow

4279 ‘Sunny Jim’ CF4378 ‘Goldie’ x ‘Darley Queen’
Very large flowers. Stunning colour. Golden yellow
Inner petals shading to apricot at tips, with a magenta
midstripe. Stigma style and filaments yellow.

5602 2005 ‘Tango’

2316 1988 ‘Tinkerbell’
Flesh pink petals, orange filaments, yellow stigma
and style. Scented.

2307 ‘Titania’
Very large flowers, pale salmon pink with prominent orange midstripe. Sepals blackish – bronze.
Filaments white stigma and style cream. Scented.
Columnar black spined plants.

4784 New 2001 ‘Turkish Delight’ AB2841 ‘Margo Fonteyn X Pink
Large flowers with short tube. Broad petals, pale pink with distinct orange midstripe. Filaments white, stigma and style cream. Plants distinctly variegated. Scented.

4000 1989 ‘Wedding Silk’ CF6017 ‘Buttercup’ x Collection
Very pale silky straw yellow petals. Filaments white, stigma and style white.

3243 ‘Whitworth Show Queen’
Large flowers, delicate creamy yellow, darker yellow midstripe, sepals purplish yellow, stigma yellow style green, filaments yellow. Scented.

3243 ‘Winster Glow’ CF4387 ‘Darley Apricot’ x Johnson’s hyb
Small flowered, petals pinkish orange. Filaments deep crimson. Stigma red.

2266 ‘Winster Morris’ CF4437 ‘Darley Apricot’ x ‘Goldie’ X
‘Green Gold’ x E.kermesina
Petals delicate pink with a median line of pinkish orange. Filaments white below, lavender above.


2610 1990 ‘Abbey Brook’ CF6009 Trichocereus thelegonus x
E.kermesina F1
Flowers 22cm. long and 12cm. in diam. Lavender pink petals with broad white margins. Throat green, filaments white. Scented.

4280 ‘Cariba’
Deep golden yellow petals, outer petals with brownish
magenta midstripe at tips. Stigma yellow, style pink.

4456 ‘Chatsworth’ CF7579 Trichocereus lamprochlorus x
Echinopsis kermesina x E. pereziensis ABCN3278
‘Brian’s Choice’
Tall growing plants, large flowers deep salmon pink
With a hint of magenta. Filaments yellow, stigma
And style green. Scented.

2691 1992 ‘Chelsea Girl’
Flowers 20cm. long and 12 cm. in diam. Golden yellow, as the flower ages each petal is edged with orange. Filaments yellow, stigma and style green. Scented.
Flowered for the first time at Chelsea Flower Show 1988
According to Professor Groener the first reported hybrid with yellow flowers in this group.

4381 ‘Chelsea Sunshine’
Trichopsis ‘Chelsea Girl’ x ‘Garden News’
Intense yellow flowers, sepals tinged with orange. Stigma and filaments yellow.

3727 1980 ‘Garden News’ E. kermesina x T.schickendantzii F1
Very large orange red flowers
Illustrated on front cover of Garden News Aug.9th 1980

4375 ‘Millenium’ AB4127 ‘Garden News’ x Lobivia purpureomineata
Very dark crimson petals with a hint of magenta.
Flowered for the first time Easter 2000

T.lamprochlorus X Lob. Huasha v. grandiflora F2
Short tubed golden yellow flowers, filaments yellow, stigma and style yellow. Scented

4383 ‘Flaviruff’ Trichocereus fulvilanus x Echinopsis X ‘Ruffles’
Gigantic short tubed flowers of pale salmon orange. Petals slightly ruffled. Stigma yellow. Scented.
Distinctive tall growing plants with long black spines.

4790 TRICHOXECHINOBIVIA ‘Gillian’ AB4217 New 2001
T.’Garden News’ x Lob. purpureo-mineata
Very large short tubed flowers. Petals pinkish magenta, petals edged in darker magenta. Outer petals and sepals scarlet red. Filaments crimson, stigma and style white.

4457 ‘Orange Beauty’
Trichopsis ‘Chelsea Girl’ x ‘Garden News’
Beautiful orange flowers, each petal edged in deep orange. Filaments orange, stigma and style yellow.

4384 ‘Raspberry Ripple’ T.’Garden News’ x T. ‘Abbey Brook’
Gigantic short tubed flowers, petals white shading
To deep pinkish magenta at the base. Filaments and
Stigma yellow.