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This plant has been the subject of recent research in Switzerland and has been found to be beneficial in reducing the amount of harmful radiation and static electricity produced by TV and computer VDU screens. It has been featured in a number of press articles on the subject of plants which are useful as “green cleaners” in office environments and large numbers of plants of this species have been sold by us for this purpose, although they are quite decorative in their own right. Most customers find that one cactus per VDU screen appears to be satisfactory, and at a much lower cost than manufactured products which claim to do the same job.

CULTIVATION : - CEREUS PERUVIANUS is easy to cultivate and can be grown as a pot plant in a bright or semi-shaded position, in a window or even under artificial fluorescent lights. It should be grown in a porous compost such as 3 parts peat/coir potting compost to 1 part sand/grit.
Plants should be watered about once a week all year round - slightly less in the winter. A minimum temperature of 48F (6 C) is advisable.

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We Mail Order CEREUS PERUVIANUS for £4.00 Inc P&P