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There has recently been a considerable revival of interest in the succulent plant ALOE VERA (also known as ALOE BARBADENSIS) for its uses in first aid and as a cosmetic ingredient. It is particularly useful for the treatment of burns including those caused by atomic radiation, but has also been incorporated into cosmetic products such as face and body cream by several major companies. It is sometimes an ingredient of suntan lotion. All of these products make use of the age-old reputation of ALOE VERA as a skin healer and moisturiser.

HISTORY: - The use of ALOE VERA dates back several thousand years and it has been widely used by societies all around the world for the treatment of burns and skin ailments such as dermatitis as well as for other purposes which utilise its properties as a laxative and as a mildly effective cure for tuberculosis. Cleopatra’s beauty was reputedly enhanced by her secret use of ALOE VERA.

USES AND TREATMENT: - The conditions where ALOE VERA treatment is most beneficial include: thermal and radiation burns, sunburn, chapped and dry skin, dermatitis and eczema.
To treat a burn, cut a portion of leaf off a plant and squeeze out the gelatinous sap over the wound. This will quickly form a clear “skin” and prevent any infection occurring. Alternatively, a suitable sized piece of leaf can be split along one edge and the leaf opened out. This is then placed over the affected area and lightly bandaged in position. The treatment may be renewed at intervals as necessary. Application of ALOE VERA has an immediate soothing effect, taking away the pain and burning sensation, and healing rapidly takes place.

N.B. Large burns should always receive qualified medical attention.

CULTIVATION: - ALOE VERA is easy to cultivate and can be grown as a pot plant in a bright or semi-shaded position on a window ledge or in a greenhouse, or even under artificial fluorescent lights. It should be grown in porous compost such as 3 parts peat/coir potting compost to 1 part sand/grit. Plants should be watered about once a week all year round - slightly less in the winter. A minimum temperature of 48F (6 C) is advisable.

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